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[Swftools-common] FDView - Flash Document Viewer

From: Xavi Beumala
Subject: [Swftools-common] FDView - Flash Document Viewer
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 12:02:59 +0100

Hi All,

I'm receiving lots of mails asking for FDView
(http://www.code4net.com/archives/000114.html#114). I haven't
officially released it on my website but I've sent it to everyone who
has asked it. If I haven't published it is because I haven't had the
time to clean up a little bit the code neither refactor it. As far as
I get some time to released it I'll let you know .

Meanwhile, to ensure everyone has access to it, here is a little
explanation on how to use it and where to download it.

I've uploaded the last snapshot to http://www.code4net.com/downloads/fdview.zip
Feel free to use it wherever you want but if you improve it please let
me know the changes so I'll publish them.

It's been a lot of time since last time I put hands on it but here's a
quick outline on how it works. The main file is assets.fla, there's no
code on the .fla so everything is distributed on clases (it's planned
a final refactor of the code, but I don't know when...) The project is
a eclipse project (I use FDT plugin) and mtasc compatible.

The main idea behind FDView is to substitute a movieclip inside the movie
with anotherone containing the data of the pdf. When you convert a
.pdf to .swf using swf2pdf a .swf with multiple frames (one for each
page) is generated. This swf is inserted with swfcombine inside
assets.swf substituting the mc inside the panel on the stage of

So once you've generated the swf from the pdf file you've to run this command:
swfcombine.exe -X 800 -Y 600 assets.swf #1="your_converted_swf.swf" -o

This will generate a new movie named output.swf from assets.swf but
substituting the mc with id #1 with the file your_converted_swf.swf

Sometimes when compiling and regenerating the bytecode the id of the
mc to override is changed, then you have to use swfdump to have a look
at the swf tags.
The mc to substitute is "viewport" witch is loaded inside the panel.

Another thing, fdview is resizable, this means you can set whatever
size to the movie and it won't distort.

If you've some question please feel free to ask, I'll try to response
as fast as posible.

Xavi Beumala

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