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[Swftools-common] scale images when using jpeg2swf?

From: Michael Geary
Subject: [Swftools-common] scale images when using jpeg2swf?
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 20:29:38 -0700

Hi Matthias,

First of all, thanks again for developing and maintaining such a useful set of tools. I have recently compiled the latest dev snapshot on my Mac, and it seems to run very well. However, I've got a couple of questions, if I may...

I am using jpeg2swf to generate SWFs with several frames, one image per frame. However, I'd like to globally scale these JPEGs down to 50 percent as I import them. I'd like to keep the resolution so that they can be scaled and keep some quality, but I'd like the initial sizing to be half the original size. Does that make sense?

I noticed from the help text this line:

"The following options can be set independently for each image: -q -s"

I've tried using the -s option, both globally:
% /usr/local/bin/jpeg2swf -o 5000_mg.swf -q 100 -s 50 -X 663 -Y 634 *

...and on a per-image basis:
% jpeg2swf -o sizeTest1.swf ./14.jpg -s 50 ./9.jpg

but I get an error "unknown option: -s"

I'm trying to solve this same problem by using swfc. However, it appears that this only supports shapes and text, is there any way to get an image (JPG) into a SWF using swfc?

I'd really appreciate any help.



p.s. darf ich annehmen, dass Du Deutsch sprichst?

On Monday, November 10, 2003, at 03:55 AM, Matthias Kramm wrote:

On Wed, Nov 05, 2003 at 07:09:31PM -0700, Michael Geary wrote:
just signed on to the list. What a cool set of tools this is. I'm
especially ecstatic that it compiled without a hitch on my OS X machine.

Finally! I used to get complaints about OS X installation all the time. ;)

Anyway, I am trying to build a process whereby a list of JPEGs is
converted into a SWF file. However, two issues:

1) when I File->Import this swf back into Flash, I get frames, and the
Bitmaps have been added to the library, but the bitmaps don't appear on
the stage. Can anything be done about this? I'd _really_ like to be
able to tweak my generated swfs a bit more inside Flash.

The "reimport" issue crops up every so often, for pdf2swf, too.
I haven't had the chance to investigate this yet, among others because
I so far haven't purchased any Flash version.
It seems to be somewhat tricky to get this right, though. I once
received two SWF files, one reputedly importable, the other not, and
they only differed in some random details.

2) Is there any way to, for example, insert a layer containing an
existing graphic 'on top' of the swf that jpeg2swf produces? For
example, if I wanted to put a logo in layer 1, and have it appear on
top of 25 JPEGs that appear in 25 frames as a result of jpeg2swf. How
could I do this?



That method should also be applicable in your case.



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