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Re: [gnu-soc] [IMPORTANT] GNU GSOC proposals ranking

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: Re: [gnu-soc] [IMPORTANT] GNU GSOC proposals ranking
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2023 14:30:25 +0200
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> Jose, thanks for your work on this!
> Jose E. Marchesi <> ezt írta (időpont: 2023. ápr. 26., Sze,
> 14:10):
>> This is the global ranking that we currently have for the GNU Project
>> umbrella organization, in the GSOC system:
>> 1. Porting Rust into GNU/Hurd
>>    Contributor: Vedant Tewari
>>    Size: Medium
>>    Assigned mentors: Samuel Thibault
>> 2. Integration of GNU Anastasis with the GNU Taler Android client
>>    Contributor: Iván Ábalos
>>    Size: Large
>>    Assigned mentors: Christian Grothoff and Florian Dold
>> 3. Parameterized Packages for GNU Guix
>>    Contributor: Sarthak
>>    Size: Large
>>    Assigned mentors: g_bor and pjotrp
>> 4. Fix Beaming Patterns/Beam Subdivisions and Tuples in GNU Lilypond
>>    Contributor: Jason Yip
>>    Size: Large
>>    Assigned mentors: Carl Sorensen
>> 5. Add a web user interface to GNU XaoS
>>    Contributor: aurekabhishek
>>    Size: Large
>>    Assigned mentors: Zoltan Kovacs
>> 6. Add a web user interface to GNU Aris
>>    Contributor: Sakham Attri
>>    Size: Medium
>>    Assigned mentors: Zoltan Kovacs
>> 7. Add compiled byte-codes to GNU poke
>>    Contributor: etXzat
>>    Size: Large
>>    Assigned mentors: Jose E. Marchesi and Mohammad-Reza Nabipoor
>> 8. Bringing GNU Taler to more platforms
>>    Contributor: Joel D. Schüller
>>    Size: Medium
>>    Assigned mentors: Javier Sepulveda
>> 9. Guix: Decentralised Substitute Distribution
>>    Contributor: Vijaya Anand
>>    Size: Medium
>>    Assigned mentors: pukkamustard
>> 10. Support for big numbers in GNU poke
>>     Contributor: Georgios Liakopoulos
>>     Size: Large
>>     Assigned mentors: Jose E. Marchesi and Mohammad-Reza Nabipoor
>> The criteria I have used to do the global ranking is:
>> - To follow the local ranking of the different participating projects,
>>   as indicated by the maintainers.
>> - To have a first group of proposals (ranked 1 to 7 above) with
>>   representation of all paticipating programs.  This will increase the
>>   odds that all programs will be getting slots.
>> - To then have a second group of proposals (ranked 8 to 10 above) with
>>   extra projects per participating program.
>> - Since I am doing the global ranking as the org admin, the two ranked
>>   proposals for my own program (GNU poke) are at the bottom of these
>>   blocks (positions 7 and 10.)
>> Please review the details of the proposals in the system, and get back
>> to me by replying to the thread if there are mistakes and/or changes to
>> do.  There is still time to add new mentors or do other fixes.
>> NOTE1: I will not consider suggestions to increase the ranking position
>>        of your proposals.  However, I will consider suggestions to
>>        _decrease_ the ranking position of some particular proposal if
>>        the suggestion comes from a representative of the corresponding
>>        program.  So if you think that a proposal X that is ranked below
>>        your own proposal is more important than your own proposal,
>>        please speak up now and I will do the necessary adjustments.
>> NOTE2: We can do changes to the ranking up to tomorrow (27 April) at
>>        12:00 GMT.  After that, alea iacta est.
>> ZOLTAN: I am a bit concerned about the fact you are the only single
>>         mentor for the proposals for both XaoS and Aris.  Google may not
>>         like that.  You think you would be able to find an additional
>>         mentor to help you?
> You are completely right. For XaoS, I have two co-mentors:
> * J.B. Langston (co-maintainer) <>
> * Anurag Aggarwal (former GSoC student) <>
> I am unsure if they need to be registered for GSoC officially as well.

Yes of course!

I have just sent invitations to both to join the GNU organization as
mentors.  As soon as they join using the web interface I will assign
them as co-mentors for the XaoS proposal.

> For Aris I am still asking two possible candidates. I will come back to you
> asap.


> Best, Zoltan

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