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Re: [gnu-soc] [IMPORTANT] GNU GSOC proposals ranking

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: Re: [gnu-soc] [IMPORTANT] GNU GSOC proposals ranking
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2023 14:10:40 +0200
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This is the global ranking that we currently have for the GNU Project
umbrella organization, in the GSOC system:

1. Porting Rust into GNU/Hurd
   Contributor: Vedant Tewari
   Size: Medium
   Assigned mentors: Samuel Thibault

2. Integration of GNU Anastasis with the GNU Taler Android client
   Contributor: Iván Ábalos
   Size: Large
   Assigned mentors: Christian Grothoff and Florian Dold

3. Parameterized Packages for GNU Guix
   Contributor: Sarthak
   Size: Large
   Assigned mentors: g_bor and pjotrp

4. Fix Beaming Patterns/Beam Subdivisions and Tuples in GNU Lilypond
   Contributor: Jason Yip
   Size: Large
   Assigned mentors: Carl Sorensen

5. Add a web user interface to GNU XaoS
   Contributor: aurekabhishek
   Size: Large
   Assigned mentors: Zoltan Kovacs

6. Add a web user interface to GNU Aris
   Contributor: Sakham Attri
   Size: Medium
   Assigned mentors: Zoltan Kovacs

7. Add compiled byte-codes to GNU poke
   Contributor: etXzat
   Size: Large
   Assigned mentors: Jose E. Marchesi and Mohammad-Reza Nabipoor

8. Bringing GNU Taler to more platforms
   Contributor: Joel D. Schüller
   Size: Medium
   Assigned mentors: Javier Sepulveda

9. Guix: Decentralised Substitute Distribution
   Contributor: Vijaya Anand
   Size: Medium
   Assigned mentors: pukkamustard

10. Support for big numbers in GNU poke
    Contributor: Georgios Liakopoulos
    Size: Large
    Assigned mentors: Jose E. Marchesi and Mohammad-Reza Nabipoor

The criteria I have used to do the global ranking is:

- To follow the local ranking of the different participating projects,
  as indicated by the maintainers.

- To have a first group of proposals (ranked 1 to 7 above) with
  representation of all paticipating programs.  This will increase the
  odds that all programs will be getting slots.

- To then have a second group of proposals (ranked 8 to 10 above) with
  extra projects per participating program.

- Since I am doing the global ranking as the org admin, the two ranked
  proposals for my own program (GNU poke) are at the bottom of these
  blocks (positions 7 and 10.)

Please review the details of the proposals in the system, and get back
to me by replying to the thread if there are mistakes and/or changes to
do.  There is still time to add new mentors or do other fixes.

NOTE1: I will not consider suggestions to increase the ranking position
       of your proposals.  However, I will consider suggestions to
       _decrease_ the ranking position of some particular proposal if
       the suggestion comes from a representative of the corresponding
       program.  So if you think that a proposal X that is ranked below
       your own proposal is more important than your own proposal,
       please speak up now and I will do the necessary adjustments.

NOTE2: We can do changes to the ranking up to tomorrow (27 April) at
       12:00 GMT.  After that, alea iacta est.

ZOLTAN: I am a bit concerned about the fact you are the only single
        mentor for the proposals for both XaoS and Aris.  Google may not
        like that.  You think you would be able to find an additional
        mentor to help you?

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