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[gnu-soc] Interested in the project "GNU/Hurd Porting rust"

From: Manank Patel
Subject: [gnu-soc] Interested in the project "GNU/Hurd Porting rust"
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2023 19:57:33 +0530
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Hi I'm Manank Patel, from India. I'm interested in the GNU/Hurd project.

background: I was doing various CTFs and reverse engineering in
particular, and thus gained knowledge of APIs, ABIs and assembly along
the way. I also have contributed some patches to the linux kernel, and
have intermediate knowledge of C. I am currently closely following the
rust-for-linux initiative, thus I have some introductory knowledge on
rust/c interop and bindgen. I'm currently working on writing a platform
driver msi-ec-git( in Rust, but
many of the headers used here are not yet abstracted in the rust part of
the kernel tree, so I'm currently trying to do it.

I wanted to know if there are any prerequisite exercise that I'm
expected to do or anything else I should know. Also I am not sure what
am i supposed to do after this or do I start writing proposal?


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