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Re: Open Source Enthusiast

From: Darshit Shah
Subject: Re: Open Source Enthusiast
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2014 11:34:12 +0530
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On 12/02, utpal kumar Jha wrote:
hello I am utpal from India an Open Source Enthusiast . I saw your summer
of code ideas page was influenced from it i recently learned python
programming language a major part of which was how to build 2D games in it
. Now i want to dive deeper and contribute to an open source project . I
saw your project "Python3 based FTP Server for Test Suite" for Gsoc 2014
which got me thinking as to how to accomplish . So basically if you could
just tell as to how to get started for the contribution project it's github
repositories i Would be glad. your advice would be appreciated .

Hi Utpal,

I'm glad to see your interest in our ideas page.

The project in question, "Python3 Based FTP Server for Test Suite" is required by GNU Wget and their mailing list, address@hidden would be the best place to ask questions about it.

The project requires you to write a complete FTP Server in Python3 for GNU Wget's Test Suite. A HTTP Server already exists which you could use a reference. The idea is that every component of the FTP Server should be controllable through the Test Cases since we'll want to modify the server to meet certain specific characteristics for each test.

Since, we do not have the FTP Server implemented in Python, you would be starting from scratch and will be able to make (almost) entirely your own design decisions. They do need to fit into the API we've already developed with the HTTP Server though.

GNU Projects are seldom developed on GitHub. You can take a look at a mirror of our repositories that I maintain on GitHub[1]. But in general you should rely on the central repository of GNU Wget which is available on the Savannah Server[2].

To begin with this, you should first read about the FTP Protocol and how it works. Take a look at RFC 959[3] for more information on the File Transfer Protocol. You can also take a look at our old implementation of a FTP Server which was written in Perl. This should give you a basic idea of how such a server may be implemented. Once you've read the RFC, do come back to us if you have any questions. Else, we can begin in setting up the design of the server.

This year for GSoC '15, at least for GNU Wget, we will not be entertaining any applications from students who haven't discussed the project with us thoroughly.


Thanking You,
Darshit Shah

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