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[IMPORTANT] Got the slots. Next steps.

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: [IMPORTANT] Got the slots. Next steps.
Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2014 13:13:02 +0200
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    Ok.  We submitted the total number of slots requested by the GNU
    EssentialSlots: 22
    DesiredSlots: 29

And we got 22 slots, no more no less.  This means that everyone gets the
number of essential slots they asked for, which are:

$ recsel -t Project -C -R Name,EssentialSlots soc2014.rec
glibc 1
gdb 1
recutils 1
emacs 1
wget 1
gnunet 2
kawa 1
clisp 1
guix 1
libffcall 2
hurd 1
gnucap 2
libredwg 1
drgeo 2
mediagoblin 2
guile 1
bison 1

Now, these are the following steps, which are important:

NOTE: Keep in mind you must not disclose to students which proposals are
accepted until Google does.  Note that studends are subscribed to this
mailing list

- Of the many proposals you got from students you must decide which
  one(s) you want to allocate your slot(s) for.

- Once you decided you must:

  1. Send to address@hidden (CCing address@hidden, but _not_ to this
     list!) the following record with info about the selected

     Name: FULL_NAME
     Email: EMAIL
     Project: YOUR_PROJECT
     Mentor: ID_OF_MENTOR

     The name and the email of the student must be available in melange.
     Do _not_ contact the student.

  2. Pair a mentor to the approved proposal(s) in melange.

  The previous steps must be done before 15 April 16:00 CEST, which is
  next Tuesday.  I will chase you by phone 10 minutes before the
  deadline if needed, but if you do not allocate your mentors in time
  then I will give your slot(s) to GNU Zile or other organization
  needing it(them): you have been warned.

- As soon as we get all the proposals paired in melange then I will
  accept the paired proposals consuming all our slots.

- Google will announce which are the selected proposals by 21 April, and
  the fun will start.

Paniemaio everyone? :)

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