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Project 2: Fix audio processing in octave

From: Sanpreet Singh
Subject: Project 2: Fix audio processing in octave
Date: Thu, 2 May 2013 16:32:03 +0530

Fix audio processing.

Fix audio processing in octave: Audio processing is currently almost
completely broken in Octave. Fix means there is a problem which has to
be solved. Audio processing only works with linux open sound system.
The Open Sound System (OSS) is an interface for making and capturing
sound in Unix and Unix-like operating systems. Suggestion is make this
a part of audio package but the problem is whether the core functions are
lacking presently or not .If Yes then core function like play and
record has to be created. Like stated above audio processing works
only with LOSS(Linux open sound system). But when the operating system
is changed recording and saving does not work. Now the solution is
using portaudio libraries and rtaudio classes. I am  giving the links
for it.

So what I have to do is to fix the core functions like play and record
so that audio libraries can be used. Also to implement audiorecorder
and audioplayer classes.I will make the core function which can use
the above libraries. PortAudio is a free, cross-platform, open-source,
audio I/O library. It lets you write simple audio programs in 'C' or
C++ that will compile and run on many platforms including Windows,
Macintosh OS X, and Unix (OSS/ALSA) and RtAudio is a set of C++
classes that provide a common API (Application Programming Interface)
for realtime audio input/output across Linux, Macintosh OS-X and
Windows operating systems. So I can make the core function but I need
time to make it. These libraries can server our purpose.

Sanpreet Singh

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