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Project suggestion: set utils

From: Paweł Lampe
Subject: Project suggestion: set utils
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2013 19:50:25 +0200
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From time to time everybody uses shell commands to work with data stored in files.

cat, grep, cut, tr, comm etc. helps to deal with that.

Last month I was crawling lots of data across the web. Later on I had to split data by some delimiter and make some set-like operations: UNION, INTERSECTION etc. Obviously I did. But it hurt a bit. There is still no tool to treat files like sets. Ofcourse I may use sort of utils and combine them, but in more complex cases I would like to use something dedicated. For example look at this: - few simple operations and there are lots of ideas. But what if I would like to (X+Y)*Z and not to create temporary files ?

My Idea is about set utils; a set of utilities to deal with sets or maybe one utility to 'rule them all'.

How about it ?

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