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GSOC participation 2013: GNUPrologJava

From: Pavan Gorakavi
Subject: GSOC participation 2013: GNUPrologJava
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2013 20:49:43 -0500

GNU Team,

   I want to mentor GSOC 2013 , for my package gnuprologjava. My backup mentor will be Karun Tadepalli.

Prolog for Java

GNU Prolog for Java is an implementation of ISO Prolog as a Java library (gnu.prolog). Last year a successful GSoC student revived it and made it compliant with part 1 of the ISO standard.

Contact: address@hidden

Goal: Rewrite the parser

Currently the parser is very flaky and does not support UTF-8, it needs to be rewritten as the old javacc code doesn't compile to working java in modern javaccs and other compiler compilers should do a better job. See #30283 and #30780 for more details. 

Pavan Kumar Gorakavi

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