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Re: Slot allocations

From: Per Bothner
Subject: Re: Slot allocations
Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2011 16:59:28 -0700
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There are 3 Kawa submissions.  I think they're all worthwhile, so if by some
miracle Kawa were to get 3 slots, we could use them.

If Kawa were to get 2 slots, my inclination would be to drop "Kawa - REPL Web console" and pick "Kawa - Full Contunuations" and "Kawa - REPL improvements and pretty printing".

If we only get one slot, the choice is harder. Clearly "Kawa - Full Continuations" is a more visible and important project in that it could enable a complete and compatible implementation of Scheme, and there are a number of people who would be really happy to have continuations. On the other hand, Simon (Full Continuations)
has been fairly quiet, while Charles (REPL improvements and pretty printing)
has been very proactive: He's already submitting decent patches, asking good questions on the Kawa mailing list, and contributing in a positive manner. My inclination
would be to reward that energy and enthusiasm.  Jamison - what do you think?
        --Per Bothner

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