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Prolog for Java

From: Daniel Thomas
Subject: Prolog for Java
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2011 10:14:08 +0100

This explains the method I have used for scoring proposals.

There were 4 GNU Prolog for Java proposals on 3 different projects. All
four were good and I would have loved to mentor them but as a first time
mentor I have been told I should only mentor one (Pavan Gorakavi has
agreed to be the backup mentor).
I have put a summary of what I think of each proposal and what they have
done beyond that in a private comment on each proposal. I have scored
the best proposal 5, my second choice 4 and the other two 3 (it was
really rather hard to pick between all four). (This means that I would
like the proposal ranked 5 to be accepted but not the other three even
though I have clicked the "I would like to mentor this" button for them
- that was to indicate responsibility for assessing them)

I haven't stated which student it is that I have picked because we are
not allowed to make this public until the 25th and this is a public

So can I add 1 to both $amazing and $desired.

If I should change anything I have done please do tell me.



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