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Re: Mentor approval

From: Thomas Schwinge
Subject: Re: Mentor approval
Date: Sun, 03 Apr 2011 12:50:26 +0200
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On Mon, 28 Mar 2011 05:40:06 +0200, <address@hidden> wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 20, 2011 at 03:41:44PM -0300, Rodrigo Rodrigues da Silva
> wrote:
> > The potential mentors should sign up here[0], and I'll authorize the
> > application upon receiving an e-mail from the package maintainer with
> > the mentors' names in it.
> That will make the process much more complicated for the
> suborganisations. And we never needed that so far...

It seems to work out quite fine.

> Also, the person responsible for GSoC participation is not always
> official maintainer. In fact, if you wait from a mail from Hurd's
> official maintainers, we can just as well strike it from the list right
> away...

Olaf.  Please, don't be so negative and pessimistic on every other
occasion.  I'm co-administrator.  I see the mentors' applications.  I
approve the Hurd ones, amongst a lot of others.  We're talking to each
other.  We may even send email to mentors applicants, CCing some
projects' maintainers, asking for clarification in case we don't know the
people.  Due to Rodrigo's suggestion (it wasn't ``if and only if'', by
the way) we don't have to send as much individual email.  It works out
quite nicely, I can say.

> > It would be better if each package maintainer sent me only one e-mail
> > with all names of potential mentors.
> That's not realistic, considering that some mentors sign up later than
> others.

Apparently that too works quite nicely for a number of projects.  Again,
note *should* and not *must*.


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