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GNOWSYS project ideas for GSoC 2011

From: Nagarjuna G
Subject: GNOWSYS project ideas for GSoC 2011
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2011 19:22:53 +0530

The following are the project ideas for the gnowsys project

  + Collaborative Concept Mapping Activity in Sugar Learning Platform
    with GNOWSYS as storage. A pyGTK based extension of the gnowser
    project to do refined concept mapping. Based on the codebase of
    Labyrinth Activity in Sugar, we intend to develop a full featured
    collaborative concept mapping application using GNOWSYS as a
    storage.  The application is required to have three modes:
    mindMap-mode, conceptMap-mode and
    conceptMap-mode-with-storage-gnowsys.  Python and pyGTK are
    prerequisites for doing this project.

  + Speed Optimization of writing and reading of GNOWSYS
    store. Benchmarking gnowsysApp_rc1 to detect bottlenecks and
    designing and implementing alternative parellelization of
    processing to enhance performance of GNOWSYS as a triple
    store. Very good knowledge of Python, postgresql, file system, and
    experience with handling large sets of data are
    preferred. Database optimization techniques like memcache and
    pgpool will be an additional asset.

  + Visual Computing Studio. Developing a visual computing studio (IDE)
    based on the heterogeneous distributed computing model of
    GNOWSYS. We intend to develop a educationally useful programming
    workspace as found in Turtle Activity . Exposure to web service
    architecture, pyGTK and metaknowledge of structure of programs will
    be useful.

  + Synchronization of Data between gnowsys servers: Two or more
    remote servers of GNOWSYS exchange messages between them,
    subscribe to parts of database and establish sync relationships
    (subscription). Automatic agent based synchronization should
    happen between the servers. This involves, determining the
    changes, messaging the changes to subscribed servers, and
    initiating transfer mechanisms using RDF based data exchange. Good
    understanding of serialization of data, XML, RDF, and file
    transfer protocols, agent oriented services with good working
    knowledge in Python required.

Students  desirous of joining should join address@hidden
list to discuss their projects.


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