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Can't click on popup menus.

From: jonathan willis
Subject: Can't click on popup menus.
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2019 12:50:18 -0500

I have two issues related to not being able to click on menus that popup from a hidden state. It seems like when I click the mouse button, right before the event is sent to the window the popup closes (maybe the window loses focus right before).

First is with chromium based browsers like chromium/opera. When visiting certain sites like if I hover the mouse over SHOP and try and click on any of the submenus items such as "Internet" nothing happens because of what seems like the above description of the menu disappearing before receiving the click event.

Second is with firefox, which will work perfectly (I can visit and navigate sites like just fine). But after a certain amount of time having firefox open I'll start having the above disappearing menu issue happening even with the firefox built-in window menus like "File", "Edit", etc...

Is there any resolution to this issue?


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