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Re: [STUMP] Menu scrolling

From: Vitaly Mayatskikh
Subject: Re: [STUMP] Menu scrolling
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2011 13:08:34 -0500
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At Sun, 27 Feb 2011 10:34:09 +0000, Ben Spencer wrote:

> The feature looks cool but I found the code a little hard to read.
> Attached is a patch that tidies it up a bit.  I've also exported the
> two new variables, removed an apparently obsolete TODO, and added back
> in a binding of *current-menu-input* that seems to have been
> unintentionally removed.

I've contacted Morgan, he gave me his final version of patches (see in
attachments). I can apply them and then you can apply your patch on
top of it. Sounds good?

Attachment: 0001-Added-scrolling-to-select-from-menu.patch
Description: Text document

Attachment: 3D"0005-Added-bound-check-call-in=
Description: Text document

Attachment: 3D"0006-Fixed-small-bug-in-menu-s=
Description: Text document

Attachment: 0007-Another-fix-for-scrolling.-Now-regex-search-and-all-.patch
Description: Text document

Attachment: 3D"0008-Added-display-of-regex-se=
Description: Text document

wbr, Vitaly

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