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[STUMP] sample-stumpwmrc FIX

From: Замковий/Олексій
Subject: [STUMP] sample-stumpwmrc FIX
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2011 23:25:01 +0200
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.18 (2008-05-17)

Hi, when I tried to use "google" and "imdb" commands from
sample-stumpwmrc.lisp file, I found few
bugs - searching words divided by spaces gave us several tabs in
firefox and some symbols were not shell-escaped (using "!" or "$" in our
query could brake query).
I fixed this bug, my solution uses external
library (url-rewrite) for escaping urls.

diff --git a/sample-stumpwmrc.lisp b/sample-stumpwmrc.lisp
index 15ae3e8..bd1481f 100644
--- a/sample-stumpwmrc.lisp
+++ b/sample-stumpwmrc.lisp
@@ -17,20 +17,21 @@
 ;; Read some doc
 (define-key *root-map* (kbd "d") "exec gv")
 ;; Browse somewhere
-(define-key *root-map* (kbd "b") "colon1 exec firefox http://www.";)
+(define-key *root-map* (kbd "b") "colon exec firefox http://www.";)
 ;; Ssh somewhere
-(define-key *root-map* (kbd "C-s") "colon1 exec xterm -e ssh ")
+(define-key *root-map* (kbd "C-s") "colon exec xterm -e ssh ")
 ;; Lock screen
 (define-key *root-map* (kbd "C-l") "exec xlock")
+(require :url-rewrite)
 ;; Web jump (works for Google and Imdb)
-(defmacro make-web-jump (name prefix)
-  `(defcommand ,name (search) ((:rest ,(concatenate 'string name " search: ")))
+(defmacro make-web-jump (name prefix &optional (escape-func 
+  `(defcommand ,name (search) ((:rest ,(concatenate 'string (string name) " 
search: ")))
     (substitute #\+ #\Space search)
-    (run-shell-command (concatenate 'string ,prefix search))))
+    (run-shell-command (format nil ,prefix (funcall ,escape-func search)))))
-(make-web-jump "google" "firefox";)
-(make-web-jump "imdb" "firefox";)
+(make-web-jump :google "firefox \"\"";)
+(make-web-jump :imdb "firefox \"\"";)
 ;; C-t M-s is a terrble binding, but you get the idea.
 (define-key *root-map* (kbd "M-s") "google")
@@ -72,4 +73,4 @@
 (define-frame-preference "Emacs"
   (1 t t :restore "emacs-editing-dump" :title "...xdvi")
-  (0 t t :create "emacs-dump" :class "Emacs"))
\ No newline at end of file
+  (0 t t :create "emacs-dump" :class "Emacs"))

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