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[STUMP] allow junk in directory-no-deref for SBCL

From: Vitaly Mayatskikh
Subject: [STUMP] allow junk in directory-no-deref for SBCL
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 2009 19:31:14 +0100
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Maintainer of SBCL in Fedora 12 decided to change format of

$ sbcl --version
SBCL 1.0.30-2.fc12

But our function directory-no-deref doesn't expect junk at the end of version.

diff --git a/wrappers.lisp b/wrappers.lisp
index 4323cf1..58a0667 100644
--- a/wrappers.lisp
+++ b/wrappers.lisp
@@ -278,7 +278,7 @@ they should be windows. So use this function to make a 
window out of them."
   ;; FIXME: seems like there ought to be a less cumbersome way to run
   ;; different code based on the version.
   #+sbcl (macrolet ((dir (p)
-                      (if (>= (parse-integer (third (split-seq 
(lisp-implementation-version) '(#\.))))
+                      (if (>= (parse-integer (third (split-seq 
(lisp-implementation-version) '(#\.))) :junk-allowed t)
                           `(directory ,p :resolve-symlinks nil)
                           `(directory ,p))))

wbr, Vitaly

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