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Re: [STUMP] unexpected behaviour of prev/next-in-frame when active windo

From: address@hidden
Subject: Re: [STUMP] unexpected behaviour of prev/next-in-frame when active window is transient
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2009 11:12:09 +0000

> > now
> >
> >  prev                         prev                         prev
> >  main       >prev-in-frame>  *main       >next-in-frame>   main
> > *transient                    transient                   *transient
> >
> > but it seems more convenient if it would be
> >
> >  prev                        *prev                         prev
> >  main       >prev-in-frame>   main       >next-in-frame>   main
> > *transient                    transient                   *transient
> So what you're saying is if the main window and the transient window
> are in the same frame then when switching to the main window it should
> instead focus the transient? And if the transient window is focused
> then next/prev should skip the main window?
> This doesn't sound like a bad idea. But what if you want to select the
> main window? Do you have to use a different command?

more detailed ("*" - active, "+" - previous active):

 1-Wa                    1-Wa                      1-Wa
*2-Wb >Wb opens dialog> +2-Wb     >prev-in-frame>  2-Wb
 3-Wc                    3-Wc                     *3-Wc
                        *4-dialog                 +4-dialog

                        dialog above Wb           unexpected
                        looks ok                  i want
                                                  -or to get back to Wb
                                                  -or even to Wa
i think the possible solution may be:

1) you are right, a new command is needed, or boolean argument (&optional 
skip-main-window-if-dialog-opened) to the prev/next-in-frame


2) for dialog (i am not sure about the term "transient") windows, to treat that 
the "previous" is the main window (and vice versa - dialog is always "next" for 
the main)

and, may be,

3) if Wb is selected in other way than prev/next-in-frame (e.g. 
select-window-by-number), then also show dialog above it automatically (and 
vice versa - if dialog is selected then show Wb under it)

with best regards
Dmitry Bolshakov

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