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Re: [STUMP] Release engineering (was: Patch: improvement for scripting

From: Shawn Betts
Subject: Re: [STUMP] Release engineering (was: Patch: improvement for scripting frame splits)
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 2009 11:14:16 +0300

> On a related matter: What about an 1.0 release in the mid-term future?
> What would be _your_ wishlist for StumpWM 1.0?

I've held off making a 1.0 release because I figured it ought to be
something solid and awesome. Here are some things I've felt should be
implemented before 1.0:

* properly implement support for dock windows. Currently there is a
*giant* hack to adjust the size of the head based on whether there is
a modeline. This needs to cleaned up. Next, dock windows can be added.
They set a netwm property that tells the WM to reserve an area of the
screen (usually along the edge). Stumpwm should check for this
property on appropriate windows and dtrt to reserve this space,
depending on the group mode. The internal mode line should possibly
use this pathway, too.

* internal modeline ought to be able to right align text. At the very
simplest a modeline could have two format lists: one for the left
side. one for the right side.

* stumpwm should be able to do everything ratpoison can do. I believe
there are still a few rp commands that are missing from stumpwm.

* export all symbols that ought to be exported

* All features, commands, and exported symbols should be documented.

* properly support i18n characters in the input bar

* have at least one easter egg :)

It would also be great but not necessary if stumpwm had at the very
least a simple implementation of most other popular window management

I have ideas for other features but they're not as important as the
above, I think.


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