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Re: [STUMP] Gimp Kills StumpWM on Exit (backtrace)

From: Egon Hyszczak
Subject: Re: [STUMP] Gimp Kills StumpWM on Exit (backtrace)
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2009 06:25:04 +0000

I did build vanilla Clisp first. Same issue. It's funny you say that because I'm eating some vanilla ice cream right now. I made the patch at the ebuild level and in doing so found that there were no other patches in Gentoo for anything past 2.41.

I'm assuming this is a 64bit issue seeing as they rewrote the function in C due to a comment that talked about architecture issues and pointed ultimately to this page (

and no one seems to be having the same problem on non x86_64 architectures.

I've attached the patch in case anyone else on Gentoo doesn't want or know how to dig into /var/tmp/portage/dev-lisp/clisp/etc..

Put the patch file in /usr/portage/dev-lisp/clisp/files/

Modify clisp-2.48.ebuild to look like this:

src_prepare() {
    # More than -O1 breaks alpha/ia64
    use alpha || use ia64 && sed -i -e 's/-O2//g' src/
    epatch "${FILESDIR}"/xwmhints-build.patch

run ebuild clisp-2.48.ebuild manifest and then emerge -vat clisp

I realize this is more work than it looks like it's worth, but now I have a working clisp-2.48 package and everything in my portage tree thinks I'm stellar.


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