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[STUMP] Crash in stumpwm

From: Philip M. White
Subject: [STUMP] Crash in stumpwm
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 2009 20:25:38 -0500
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I've been using stumpwm for probably two years.  For close to a year
now, I've been experiencing an occasional crash, but it hasn't bothered
me enough until now to report it.  But now I'm annoyed enough to gather
some data and write this email.

I am using the latest stumpwm from git and compile it with clisp 2.47.
As far as I know, this problem has persisted across stumpwm *and* clisp

The problem is: there are certain activities I can do that cause stumpwm
to crash.  Once it crashes, my X session stays open, but I lose all
control of stumpwm.  I am attaching the stack trace.  Line 33 seems the
most useful and confirms that it has to do with hints of certain
windows.  If you can tell me how to produce a more detailed stack trace,
I'm happy to do it.

What activities cause the crash?  I cannot pinpoint the root cause, but
there are at least four that do it for me:

1) Closing The GIMP (File -> Quit) while it has any images open.  If
there are no images open, The GIMP quits without an issue, but if any
image windows are open, then clicking "Quit" immediately disables

2) Answering "yes" to the "Would you like to save changes?" dialog box
that opens.  If I want to avoid a crash, I must save the
document manually before closing it, or say "no" or "cancel" to that

3) While synchronizing in Unison, I can click "Quit" and Unison will
prompt me whether I want to abort the sync.  If I click "no",
everything's fine.  If I click "yes", Unison exits and stumpwm crashes.

4) Using Citrix's Java applet within Firefox to access my workplace
remotely.  I think the crash happens when the applet tries to open or
close some window.

Any ideas?


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