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[STUMP] PATCH: Trimmed code in user.lisp

From: Ivy Foster
Subject: [STUMP] PATCH: Trimmed code in user.lisp
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2008 12:23:50 -0400
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Per a suggestion on the wiki, I trimmed quite a bit of code out of
user.lisp, shortening it by several hundred lines. This code now
resides in several different files (group.lisp, frame.lisp,
window.lisp, and resize.lisp) based, intuitively enough, on its
function. This should (hopefully) make hacking any of that code or the
code in user.lisp easier for everyone.

Some considerations:

If this patch is accepted into the main codebase, it could be useful
to review some of the places I put things and make sure they're
alright, and to think about arranging the files for readability and/or
finding ways to prune redundant code (I don't know whether there is
any, this is just a thought).

Also, if this patch is accepted, it might be useful to rethink the
role of user.lisp as the project approaches version 1.0 (scary
thought, huh?). I'm not sure exactly what it's for at the moment other
than as a sort of place for code that doesn't go elsewhere, but maybe
it could be, say, the spot to put all interactive commands created
with defcommand and any related keymaps, with all other code pruned to
other files. Maybe it could be something else entirely. Or maybe it
could keep on being what it is now, but shorter. There are definitely
other sections that could be pruned into their own files, if that were

Finally, I wasn't quite sure how to work the copyright. I didn't write
any of the code in the created files, so I don't want to take credit
for it. On the other hand, Shawn B. (who holds the copyright on
user.lisp, the basis for these files) did not create the files.
I leave it up to someone more knowledgeable about such things to
determine what to do with that. I don't care whose name goes on
things, but I also don't want to step on anyone's figurative toes.



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