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[STUMP] define-stumpwm-command is deprecated

From: Shawn Betts
Subject: [STUMP] define-stumpwm-command is deprecated
Date: Sat, 01 Mar 2008 23:49:38 -0800
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Hi folks,

I've made some potentially disrupting changes. define-stumpwm-command
is now deprecated in favor of defcommand. It should still work but at
some future point in time I will remove it so please update your rc
files and any wiki pages you are responsible for.

Because the command namespace was seperate from the stumpwm package
namespace, a pattern has emerged where a regular function is written
and then a command is written to wrap that function for use
interactively. The problem is this does not always happen and some
functionality gets locked in interactive commands. Also this is just
plain yucky.

So now defcommand works closer to emacs' interactive functions. A
symbol is used instead, which is a bound to a function that can be
called normally in lisp code or interactively as a command. There are
2 downsides: some interactive commands overlap with common-lisp
symbols, so they had to be renamed. But the good news is the old
commands still exist as aliases, which are only accessible
interactively. But the bad news is now the command namespace has been
cluttered with a dozen or so duplicate commands. Hopefully this is not
too annoying.

I suspect some command names may be switched around as this namespace
merge settles itself.

You may find some bugs in the commands as a result of this
change. Please report them.

In other news stumpwm should catch unhandled errors, restart, and
print an error message. And there is now a soft-restart command. With
this in place I suspect you will need to restart stumpwm very rarely
and it won't spontaneously bring down X.


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