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streamtuner 0.99.99 released

From: Jean-Yves Lefort
Subject: streamtuner 0.99.99 released
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 19:22:01 +0100

streamtuner 0.99.99 is available for download at


        * Core changes:

                * Startup time has been greatly reduced (especially
                  when there are a lot of cached streams)
                * The cache format has changed (a binary cache has
                  been reintroduced, improving performance and
                  allowing to inline binary files into the cache)
                * Was sometimes locking up at startup: fixed
                * The preferences dialog has been reworked
                * A tab can now reload multiple categories
                * The stop button now only stops the currently
                  selected tab
                * The stream columns can now be reordered
                * The stream columns menu item now displays a dialog
                * The plugin API has been enriched (handler
                  configuration, handler preferences widget, character
                  set handling in the transfer framework, utilities,
                  ...) and documented
                * Bookmarks now include a description, homepage and
                  URI list
                * The about dialog does not list the plugins and
                  handlers anymore
                * Hyperlinks can now be focused, and activated using
                  the keyboard
                * User interface images are now loaded from external
                  files, for smaller memory usage
                * When a plugin was disabled, its configuration was
                  lost: fixed
                * Now compiles cleanly even when -fstrict-aliasing is
                  in use (based on a patch by Philipp Thomas)
                * The stock preselections have been updated
                * The streamtuner icon now uses the new colour scheme
                * Other fixes, cleanups and improvements

        * Live365 changes:
                * The parser performance has been dramatically
                  increased (does not use regular expressions anymore)
                * A membership can now be used (streamtuner will log
                  into Live365 before tuning into streams or recording
                * A streams limit can now be set, and all the streams
                  of a category can now be downloaded
                * A different categories source is used, providing
                  more categories, and organizing them in a tree
                * Connecting to Live365 before tuning into a stream is
                  not needed anymore
                * Rating and TLH fields have been added

        * SHOUTcast changes:
                * The parser performance has been dramatically
                  increased (does not use regular expressions anymore)
                * A streams limit can now be set

        * Local changes:

                * The TagLib version is now checked in configure

        * Python changes:
                * Python 2.3 and PyGTK are now required
                * The API has been improved (but backwards
                  compatibility has not been preserved)
                * Scripts now run concurrently
                * Exceptions are now displayed in an error dialog

        * changes:
                * The handler did not work anymore (because the site
                  URL has changed): fixed
                * Streams can now be recorded (that is, if you can
                  find a program capable of recording a RealAudio(r)

        * changes:
                * A "Download images" toggle has been added
                * A session image cache (supplementing the streamtuner
                  cache) has been added
                * The parser has been updated

        * Updated translations:

                * German (Martin Stromberger)

        * New translations:

                * Japanese (Satoshi Machino)
Jean-Yves Lefort

Jean-Yves Lefort


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