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speechd-el With evil-mode

From: Hunter Jozwiak
Subject: speechd-el With evil-mode
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2022 01:48:39 -0500


Has anyone gotten a decent setup with speechd-el and evil-mode? I've gotten some nice things implemented for Sonarmacs (the Emacs configuration framework I started a while ago), but I'm hitting a few snags.
When you use evil-forward-char or evil-backward-char, speechd-el reads the whole line instead of the character that you go to.
Reading lines works sometimes, while other times it doesn't read the line at all; I've noticed this if I am not at the beginning of the line.
Is there advice somewhere in speechd-el that I need to turn off when entering evil-mode and turn on when exiting? I haven't really gone spelunking in the source yet, but that is on my todo list when time allows for it.



P.S. Sonarmacs is available at https://git.sr.ht/~hjozwiak/sonarmacs if you were curious.

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