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How to migrate from module_speak to module_speak_sync?

From: Cameron Wong
Subject: How to migrate from module_speak to module_speak_sync?
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2021 12:23:50 +0800

Dear developers,

I have written a TTS module for speech dispatcher. Last working version is for 0.10.0.rc2.

Now I am migrating to 0.11.0-rc4. When I start Orca, it synths normally. But speech dispatcher will hang if switch to another tab. It seems that I didn't implement stop signal correctly.

When I did the migration, I noticed that a main change in API was that module_speak was replaced by module_speak_sync. I think this is where I did the wrong implementation.

I mainly implemented my code basing on espeak.c. Is there a document or sample module that tells me how to implement module_speak_sync?

Could someone provide some help? Thanks in advance!


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