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Re: 0.11.0 rc3 beta release!

From: Didier Spaier
Subject: Re: 0.11.0 rc3 beta release!
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2021 13:38:54 +0100
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well Kyle, I'd rather avoid to make these voices more difficult to find than
they are today for Slint users, that's why I am fine with Samuel's last
proposal. This will also spare me the need to write specific instructions how
to find them.


Le 03/11/2021 à 13:02, Kyle a écrit :
Since the dropdown box can become a circular menu by pressing the space bar on it, knowing that the mbrola voices are at the bottom of the list makes finding them a bit easier using the space bar followed by the up arrow key. Also, the end key, if your keyboard makes it available, will take you to the last variant on the bottom of the list as well. I recognize that this can make it harder to find a specific set of variant voices such as espeak-ng Mbrola when you don't know that they're at the bottom of the list, but it can help once you find it for the first time. It's a bit like finding that link all the way at the bottom of a website - a bit hard to find the first time, but much easier the second time. Hope this helps.


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