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speechd-el 2.11 released

From: pdm
Subject: speechd-el 2.11 released
Date: Sat, 03 Jul 2021 15:07:20 +0200
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speechd-el 2.11 released

* What is speechd-el?

  speechd-el is an Emacs client to speech synthesizers, Braille displays
  and other alternative output interfaces.  It provides full speech and
  Braille output environment for Emacs using the Speech Dispatcher and
  BRLTTY backends.  It is focused especially on (but not limited to) the
  blind and visually impaired users.  It allows the user to work with
  Emacs without looking on the screen, by listening to speech output
  produced by the speech synthesizers supported in Speech Dispatcher and
  watching Braille output on Braille displays supported by BRLTTY.
  Key speechd-el features are:

  - Speech output and Braille input/output.
  - Automated "intelligent" reading of most Emacs messages and actions.
    Additional commands for explicit reading.

  - Message priorities, voice parameter changes, sound icons and other
    features provided by Speech Dispatcher.

  - Multilingual support.
  - Almost no change of the standard Emacs behavior, no interference
    with user settings.
  - Highly configurable.

  - Possibility to add support for other alternative output methods.

  - Elisp libraries for generic speech, Braille and other kinds of
    output as well as for alternative user interface programming.

  - Small code size.

  - Free Software, distributed under the GPL.

  More information about speechd-el (including comparison with
  Emacspeak) can be found on http://devel.freebsoft.org/speechd-el .

* What is new in the 2.11 version?

  ** Index marking support

  Set speechd-speak-use-index-marks variable to `t' to enable index
  marking.  Note that it may have performance or other issues.  How well
  index marking actually works is also dependent on the speech
  synthesizer used.

  ** Improvement of reading wrapped lines

  If truncate-lines is nil, lines are read only to their visual ends
  (thanks to Nicolas Graner).

  ** Internal cleanup

  The code has been updated to match current Emacs practices and all
  compilation warnings have been resolved.

* Where to get it?

  The easiest way to install speechd-el is to use the package from MELPA
  (http://melpa.milkbox.net/) or from Debian (if you use Debian or one
  of its derivatives).  You'll also need Speech Dispatcher and/or BRLTTY.

  The source code is available on GitHub:

  The source package of the released version is available at

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