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[Spam-discuss] Mailman and Spam

From: Dave MacKenzie
Subject: [Spam-discuss] Mailman and Spam
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 07:47:27 -0700

I have a problem:  Several times a day I get a spam to each of the 3 different mailing lists we maintain on Mailman, and I have to deal with them.  These e-mails are essentially jibberish, and the heading is jibberish, though the sender is always different.


How do I stop this spamware from clogging up my life with Mailman???  There must be some sort of Spam filter available, or some setting that I can come up with that will eliminate most of these from my life, and reduce the number of “administrative requests” that I have to deal with.


Dave MacKenzie

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