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Request to join the development team

From: Denis Boirayon
Subject: Request to join the development team
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2023 01:40:25 +0200
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I have been disappointed to see that solfege is no longer distributed by Fedora Linux.

I tried to compile it myself, but got lost because I did the mistake of taking the last stable version available on Sourceforge, which is very old.

After a while, I understood that a lot of work had already been done on Savannah's solfege git repository to make solfege use python3 and gtk3, and the current master branch compiles easily on Fedora.

I would like to contribute first with some changes in README and INSTALL files to remove some misguiding indications and dead links, and I think it would be very nice to release a stable version so that solfege could be packaged again in the main Linux distributions (but I don't have a global vision of what has to be done to achieve this).

It would be too bad to see solfege disappear by being unavailable to people who could need it.

I have knowledge of Python, Lilypond, music theory and French translation.

If you agree, I will request inclusion in the group on Savannah.

Best regards,


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