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Re: [Social-discuss] Client API for social

From: Stanislav N. aka pztrn
Subject: Re: [Social-discuss] Client API for social
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2015 09:43:10 +0500
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You can use old twitter API, it's 95% compatible with GNU social.

19.01.2015 03:23, Morgan McMillian пишет:
> Hello, I'd like to take a stab at doing some client development for GNU 
> social. Looking at the source code and other references I've found on the
> internet there is mention of using a Twitter like API but all of the links
> are referencing documents on which no longer exist. Particularly
> what I'm interested in are the API differences between Twitter and social.
> Has this been documented or is it a matter of pulling apart the source to
> figure it out? Thanks in advance.

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