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Re: [Social-discuss] "GNU social" sucks.

From: Windigo
Subject: Re: [Social-discuss] "GNU social" sucks.
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2015 09:49:54 -0800
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On 2015-01-11 3:59 am, Mikael Nordfeldth wrote:
2015-01-11 11:10 skrev Adam Moore:
But the name sucks.

You're welcome to use the software, apply patches which relabel it to
front-end users and start attracting sheeple to your GNU herd or
whatever ;)

The freedom of free software, isn't it awesome?

Honestly, I doubt developers hesitate to patch things because of the
project's name. I agree end users might care what their service is
called. But then again, we have _many_ users who don't use "GNU
social" but use "Quitter" instead (still fully interoperable).

Of the many "Quitter" themed sites, the logo isn't
even a GNU (as with the qvitter GNU social plugin they're
developing[1]) but two chillin' out maxin' birds instead.

But thanks for the enthusiastic suggestion. :)


While I agree that the GNUsocial "brand" might have some issues (anyone present in the IRC channel has seen some confused chatters looking to shoot the breeze), I don't think GNU herds would help address most of the symptoms you've brought up. In fact, I feel like attaching "GNU" to any project generally confuses the non-technically minded.

I do love the idea of experimenting on an instance. Technically, we could change all of the terminology and branding per-instance without causing any administrative overhead at the project level. On FragDev, we're currently still using the basic StatusNet layout, but I'd be willing to give something else a try if our users were interested.

Thanks for starting up such an interesting discussion!

- Windigo

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