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[Social-discuss] Grant Opportunity

From: Brylie Oxley
Subject: [Social-discuss] Grant Opportunity
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2010 15:59:06 -0700

The National Science Foundation has an upcoming deadline for their
Expeditions in Computing grant opportunity. I believe that GNU Social is
a qualified project to receive funding from the NSF.;jsessionid=Q0t2MyjF5J2QP0mL2GHh2bRBCfsGLr1fJ7vvCqJymYrb1FyymsnK!138418072?oppId=55104&mode=VIEW

In 2007 the NSF Expeditions funded a project called Open Programmable
Mobile Internet 2020 which proposed the development of infrastructure to
"promote innovation and competition by breaking down barriers and
constructing bridges for enabling the creation of a truly programmable
and open mobile internet (POMI)."

Is anyone interested in pursuing this grant as a funding option for GNU
Social? Does the FSF have a grantwriting team that can help with this
effort? Also, it would be good to have a good technical explanation of
the vision and implementation for this project (most of which exists on
the Gitorious wiki.)

I am interested in collaborating on this grant submission to meet the
deadline of 2010.09.15.
--Brylie Oxley Intern
Sierra Friends Center
(530) 273 - 3183

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