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Re: [Social-discuss] Existing free and distributed social software - now

From: Melvin Carvalho
Subject: Re: [Social-discuss] Existing free and distributed social software - now conveniently organized
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2010 02:18:27 +0200

On 19 August 2010 02:05, B. Kip <address@hidden> wrote:

This is a good list, but could probably use a bit of updating, both on included projects and their details.  Are there any projects to add from the invitation list to the recent Federated Web Summit?

DFRN is now called Mistpark and has released a Personal Edition.  Another project not mentioned is Social RiverBuddyCloud was an invitee to the summit and has been active on the Federated list.

We have a very incomplete list that people can edit here as well.

Very cool!


On Thu, Aug 19, 2010 at 1:24 AM, Melvin Carvalho <address@hidden> wrote:

On 18 August 2010 18:07, Melvin Carvalho <address@hidden> wrote:

On 13 May 2010 07:32, Avery M. <address@hidden> wrote:
I discovered that our list of social software is the most
comprehensive on the Web, so I thought it would be a good idea to
organize it a little. You can now find the full list of preexisting
projects here:

Anyone know what happened to this link?

Moved here:

Thanks to k005 (IRC)

The data I've listed is quite incomplete, so feel free to look around
the project websites and correct the info in the table.


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