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Re: [Social-discuss] Which of these names do you like?

From: Carolina Flores Hine
Subject: Re: [Social-discuss] Which of these names do you like?
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2010 19:24:58 -0600
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On 06/18/2010 12:31 PM, Matt Lee wrote:
On 06/18/2010 12:15 PM, Sean Corbett wrote:
I think the intention is that these will just be some base instances
of GNU Social to provide a foundation of servers to work with, not
the entire social network per se (in the same way that
isn't the only StatusNet server). We wouldn't require people to use
names from this list.. We still expect (and encourage) people to
install their own instances of GNU Social once the alpha/subsequent
versions are released.
but this list is crucial too -- having a serious list of dozens of
servers will prevent everyone, even those who don't want to run their
own servers, from using the same server, which is something we'd like to

I finally got the idea...

> cogimbo
> gembee
> innoopia
> kaybox
> kixo
> kwimba
> kwizio
> mylith
> nbean
> nbeat
> oyoble
> oyocero
> oyolia
> pixombu
> pixovu
> pixozu
> plambu
> plaveo
> podbug
> qualith
> quambu
> quazz
> quicero
> quideo
> rhymbo
> rhynix
> shufflemix
> skilia
> skindu
> skipcast
> skiptube
> tagset
> tekfeed
> topstorm
> tricero
> triloo
> triyo
> twible
> twicero
> vilium
> wikible
> wikire
> wikixo
> yakinte
> yalia
> yondu
> zalane


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