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Re: [Social-discuss] Which of these names do you like?

From: Steven DuBois
Subject: Re: [Social-discuss] Which of these names do you like?
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2010 11:02:46 -0400

On Fri, 2010-06-18 at 14:38 +0200, Loiseau lucien wrote:
> I don't get the point, if peoples install the freeware, they are also
> free to choose the name they want right ? and if we are just trying to
> help them pickin' up the right name, then i sounds like a waste of
> time. Why aint focus on a single name that would actually _named_ the
> project and the first server ?

We're compiling a list of names that may be used as titles for seperate
GNU social servers. So rather than telling people to use one centralized
server, they can choose between hundreds of independently run servers.

Steven DuBois <address@hidden>
Free Software Foundation - Intern

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