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[Social-discuss] foafssl-ruby: A FOAF+SSL Authentication Library for Rub

From: Hellekin O. Wolf
Subject: [Social-discuss] foafssl-ruby: A FOAF+SSL Authentication Library for Ruby and Rack
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2010 15:05:18 +0000
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I just pushed some implementation of FOAF+SSL authentication, that is
usable in Rack-based applications (including Rails.)

It uses RDF.rb for all FOAF manipulation.

The code is waiting for your eyeballs :)


Known Issues:

- The library doesn't support retrieving FOAF file over HTTPS due to a
limitation of open-uri that is used in RDF.rb.

- It only supports RDF+XML and RDFa for now.

- It only matches the first RSAKey it finds for a given WebID.  That
might be an issue in real life, but I'm not sure about the
specification regarding multiple keys per WebID.  My take is that it
should read all keys and compare against the given one, so that one
WebID can match multiple certificates.



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