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[Social-discuss] PR Person, Alliance

From: Brad Kipfer
Subject: [Social-discuss] PR Person, Alliance
Date: Wed, 19 May 2010 09:15:47 +0900
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Just in case the point of my last message was lost in my introduction:
how about having a PR person working for a group supporting all the open
social network projects instead of for only one of them? Might this not
do more to further the cause?

That said, brainstorming a little- how about an alliance of some sort
where those working on related projects could pool ideas and resources?
I see that this list seems to be at least one informal point of contact
between some projects. Is there any value in making something more
official and getting more development teams involved?

I think this might be useful because I think what we are ultimately
working on is an infrastructure- not a web service, not an application,
but something basic like the World Wide Web.

An alliance of people joining together to build the Social Network could
discuss underlying principles, share ideas, and work out how the various
pieces people are working on might interact.

It could also have a PR arm working to raise awareness of the idea and
attract developers and financial support. If someone were to be hired
they might work for an organization like this.


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