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[Social-discuss] Social & Identity & Open & Death + events

From: Kaliya
Subject: [Social-discuss] Social & Identity & Open & Death + events
Date: Mon, 03 May 2010 23:51:57 -0700

Hi GNU Social folks, 

 I wanted to remind you the Internet Identity Workshop (@idworkshop), that several folks on this list will be participating and it is just 2 weeks away May 17-19th.   We already shifted to late registration pricing but if you use the discount code: GNUSocial  it will give you regular pricing for another week until end day May 10th.  We also have one day tickets now on sale.  

I am also putting on an event just after IIW - Digital Death Day (@digitaldeathday)- focused on all aspects of what happens to someone's online life after they die. 

Here are descriptions and links to both of these events & three other identity & privacy related events between now and August.   Please spread the word to others who who would be interested & please forgive me on the cross posting I felt it was important to spread the word far and wide.  

Let me know if you have any questions. 

Kaliya Hamlin - Identity Woman,  @identitywoman
e-mail: address@hidden 
phone: 510 472-9069

1) Digital Death Day - May 20th, Mountain View

What happens to you Data After you DIE!  How do you create a digital will? What are normative social network policies for memorialization?  there are whole range of questions about online life and identity.  This day will bring together diverse constituents interested the whole range of issues around digital death. 

2) 10th Internet Identity Workshop, May 17-19th, Mountain View
    Discount Code: GNUSocial   
    gets you regular registration rate until midnight Monday May 10th
    One Day registrations are also available. 

This event brings together a community of innovators & implementors from large and small companies focused on open standards for distributed user-centric identity online.  This promises to be the largest IIW to date.  Government implementations,  Personal-Data-Stores, Privacy Implications of Social Network Changes, Persona Management, and many other topics will be discussed - see the list of proposed topics here

3) Computers Freedom and Privacy, June 15-18, San Jose
    Includes an "unconference" afternoon June 16th

Smart phones, social networking and the “internet of things” let us integrate the online world and computers more deeply into our lives -- and raise difficult questions, starting with whether we should have to give up our freedom and privacy in to reap the benefits of a constant connection to friends and information. 

4) Ping Cloud Identity Summit, July 20-22, Keystone, CO
    Includes an "unconference" afternoon July 21st

Building Credibility in the Cloud. Change is upon us. Enterprise are asking architects to create and enact plans for the future, in a time when protocols are proliferating, services are moving to the cloud and perimeter security has been left behind. It is a time of change. Can the chaos be made to server you rather then the other say around. The best solutions will minimize application change, maximize business flexibility and monetize the benefit of cloud services. Discover them at the Cloud Identity Summit 2010. 

5) Privacy Identity and Innovation, August 17-19th, Seattle, WA
    Includes a technology lab for privacy August 19th

We realize that pii means different things to different people, and our goal is to find common ground to encourage dialogue and collaboration.

Whether you are a privacy rights advocate or you believe privacy is indeed deade, pii2010 will offer a comprehensive look at how information is being created, shared, controlled, collected, stored and secured, how that is likely to change in the future and what it means for individuals, organizations and governments. 


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