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Hockeypuck troubles

From: Skip Carter
Subject: Hockeypuck troubles
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2021 11:20:19 -0700
User-agent: Evolution 3.30.5-1.1

Last week I had an incident where for some reason hockeypuck ran away and caused
an enormous CPU load (over 25).  I firewalled off exernal HTTP access to my
keyserver and the load eventually returned to normal ( 0.10 ).  

There was nothing in the logfile that I could interpret as troublesome.

After restoring normal access to my server I got several silent crashes of
hockeypuck over the next several days.

Just now the runaway happened again, but I manually intervened before my server 
became unresponsive.  At the moment I am running hockeypuck with my firewall
blocking port 11371.

I tried to put an Apache proxy in front (a la sks) to get more info on whats
going on but hockeypuck ignores the config setting


and uses all interfaces as if I set it to httpAddr="*:11371"

Dr Everett (Skip) Carter  0x8176163B
Taygeta Scientific Inc
607 Charles Ave
Seaside CA 93955
831-641-0645 x103

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