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Re: number of keys reported by hockeypuck

From: Gunnar Wolf
Subject: Re: number of keys reported by hockeypuck
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2021 10:51:24 -0500

Andrew Gallagher dijo [Sun, Sep 12, 2021 at 11:19:41PM +0100]:
> > But it does not seem to enter my database. Just 30 minutes after the
> > log entries I pasted, my server recovered successfully(?) 7766 items
> > from the same peer.
> > 
> > So, any pointers on how to get this to work?
> I don't see any reason to believe it *isn't* working. I can see regular
> successful sync with your server in the logs.

Umh... My reasons to believe this are:

1. My server shows 4425272 and 1562088 new keys for the first two days
   it (successfully?) gossipped, but *0* updated keys. Right, this
   might mean it's just getting to know the world and has got no
   updates WRT the DB dump I started from, but I think it's quite

2. Most telling is the fact that the new/updated key count seems to
   progress (i.e. right now I have 9 and 362 respectively), but
   disappears (drops down to 0?) after some time.

3. I see a big differentce with my peers. As an example, I'm peering
   with, and it reports:

   Day            New   Updated
   2021-09-08       1   46248
   2021-09-09       2   40641
   2021-09-10       6   36949
   2021-09-11       6   26264
   2021-09-12       6   42388
   2021-09-13       37  41187
   2021-09-14       3   23073

   It seems I'm missing all those updates (tens of thousands daily).

> Transient sync errors are to be expected, particularly when reconciling
> against single-threaded SKS peers. Also remember that there are a
> significant (if small) number of abusive keys floating around the
> dataset that Hockeypuck will refuse to import.

OK, it's good to learn that Hockeypuck refuses to import those keys,
so as long as there are SKS servers between my peers, there will
always be some "noise". I will go and try to learn about the filters
Hockeypuck informs to have.

> The number of real new keys entering the synchronising network has
> reduced to one every few days now that the pool DNS entries no longer
> resolve. Some hockeypuck servers report a large number of updated keys
> every day, but this is almost exclusively churn - I suspect it is due to
> inconsistent ordering of packets between different keyservers.

Quite possible. But the difference is huge. And the odds of it
reaching _zero_ for a full week smells very fishy :-(

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