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Re: on hockeypuck

From: ced
Subject: Re: on hockeypuck
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2021 02:36:48 +0000
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On 8/30/21 7:29 PM, Skip Carter wrote:

I finally gave up on keeping the plates spinning and stopped using SKS and
switched to hockeypuck at

The switchover was gratifyingly trouble free.

I switched from sks to hockeypuck about a year ago and never looked back. It's basically maintenance free unlike sks weekly crashes.

At the moment there are no keys in the database, is there a tool which will take
a daily dump and initialize the database from that ?

There are two options that I know of:

1. Download PGP dump files from another sks or hockeypuck instance (both can be imported by hockeypuck):

rsync -av rsync:// . && cd dump && sha256sum -c SHA256SUMS 
&& sudo -u hockeypuck -g hockeypuck /usr/bin/hockeypuck-load -config 
/etc/hockeypuck/hockeypuck.conf *.pgp

2. Import the PostgreSQL database directly (probably faster) assuming you're using PostgreSQL as the hockeypuck database:

wget && sudo -u hockeypuck 
-g hockeypuck pg_restore -v -F c -d hkp -f hockeypuck.psql

FYI I have a cron job to export these files weekly from my hockeypuck instance.

I am also getting lots of recon failed messages in the log, probably from dead
peers.  Maybe we should post "I am still alive messages" here so we can
reconfigure to use live peers.

This might be because you don't have any keys at the moment.

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