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Re: Lost membership file. Seeking peers

From: Iñaki Arenaza
Subject: Re: Lost membership file. Seeking peers
Date: Mon, 05 Apr 2021 13:04:52 +0200
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On dom, abr 04 2021, Dan Egli wrote:

> Forgive me for not posting in the correct "format" but due to a server
> crash, had to start over from scratch. Not 
> only was our hdd corrupted, but the backup was corrupted too. So after
> a couple days of fighting, the system is back. Unfortunately, in the 
> process I lost my membership file, so I have no idea who I was peering
> with. I've plugged in the three sites I have seen mentioned on this
> list over the past couple of months, so the recon system is working,
> but I really need to find out who else was peering with me, or find
> people who want to peer with me. My membership entry would be:
> 11370 # Dan Egli <>
> 0x170973D7A7250B7279F9FFAD305E979EB7199D13 had as a peer (it
still does!). So if you want to add it to your membership file, this is
the entry: 11370 # PGP Key Server Administrator 
<> 0x9494EB8D619AFE032AD1C2DCBE84550A2578867D

Best regards,

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