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Re: [Sks-devel] How much load are keyservers willing to handle?

From: Arnold
Subject: Re: [Sks-devel] How much load are keyservers willing to handle?
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2013 22:39:37 +0100
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On 12/19/2013 02:04 AM, Jason Harris wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 18, 2013 at 10:20:26PM +0000, adrelanos wrote:
>> Writing that script would be much simpler if it could re-use the
>> existing keyserver infrastructure. Now imagine if this gets added to
>> Debian, that all users of Debian and all its derivatives will always
>> refresh their signing key against keyservers? Could keyservers cope up
>> with the load?
> 1) setup your own DNS so you can shut things off if anything goes wrong!
>       (you can use or others, no servers required)

Analogue to the NTP pool [1] I would suggest to create special pools within for vendors, like <vendor> This pool
will be equal to the main pool in normal circumstances, but can be modified in 
of problems. That way "we" stay in control.


Best regards,

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