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Re: [Sks-devel] About deleting keys

From: Todd Lyons
Subject: Re: [Sks-devel] About deleting keys
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2013 07:08:19 -0800
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On Mon, Nov 04, 2013 at 10:14:53AM +0100, Johan van Selst wrote:

>Petru Ghita wrote:
>> But I don't really think that such a legal action is possible and
>> assuming it was possible that it would have any degree of success.
>> To sum it up:
>> - there is by architecture no intent on verifing nor identifying the
>> information stored on the SKS network nor the author of the data.
>It doesn't matter if the information is verified. Users are asked for
>their name and email address, which is considered personal data
>(according to EU definitions) and keyservers are processing and storing
>this data. Thereby, keyserver operators are subjected to the data
>protection laws. The validity of the data is not relevant, neither is
>the intention of the operators (commercial or otherwise).

How about a big, ugly label at the top of your search page:

NOTICE: Access from the EU forbidden.

Stupidity like that solves a (technically uninforcible) legal issue with
another (technically uniforcible and equally stupid) legal claim.
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Regards...              Todd
  We should not be building surveillance technology into standards.
  Law enforcement was not supposed to be easy.  Where it is easy, 
  it's called a police state.             -- Jeff Schiller on NANOG
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