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[skribilo-users] wishlist: multicol LaTeX package support

From: Carlos Carleos
Subject: [skribilo-users] wishlist: multicol LaTeX package support
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2014 18:37:01 +0200
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I would like to generate two column documents with Skribilo.

I've seen the "-c column-number=2" example with Lout for RSS example, 
but I need a finer control.

I do not know whether Lout can easily mix onto the same page one- and
two-column texts.  In the past, I have successfully used the LaTeX
"multicol" package for that, so I am trying to use it from Skribilo.

My first idea is to put some lines into
"src/guile/skribilo/engine/latex.scm".  For example, here is a diff with
respect to Skribilo-0.9.2:

,----[ diff latex.scm latex-multicol.scm ]
| 371a372,374
| >                  ;; multicol
| >                  (multicol #f)
| >                  (multicol-usepackage "\\usepackage{multicol}\n")
| 534a538,539
| >             (if (engine-custom e 'multicol)
| >                 (display (engine-custom e 'multicol-usepackage)))
| 1477a1483,1490
| >
| > ;*---------------------------------------------------------------------*/
| > ;*    multicols ... @label multicols@                                       
| > ;*---------------------------------------------------------------------*/
| > (markup-writer 'multicols
| >    :options '(:number)
| >    :before (lambda (n e) (format #t "\n\\begin{multicols}{~a}\n" 
(markup-option n :number)))
| >    :after  "\n\\end{multicols}\n")

How can I set a default value for the option ":number" of "multicols"?

Is this the right way to go?  Should I write a new engine?  

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