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Move to new development platform:

From: Bernhard Reiter
Subject: Move to new development platform:
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 10:43:49 +0100
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Dear friends of Skencil and fellow developers,

currently Skencil is moving to a new development plattform,
based on GForge, maintained by Intevation GmbH:

This is a platform that we (Bernhard R. and Bernhard H.) have best access to.

We moved off Sourceforge, because they were using proprietary software
to run their platform. While we were slowly moving to savannah,
this service got cracked and took a long time to recover, e.g. I could
not create new mailing lists and all this. At this point it was clear
that Skencil can move forward best, if the platform it under control.
Intevation is the company that I co-own and where Bernhard Herzog is employed. 

Note that this move also includes moving Skencil's source code 
to a revision contol system and the ability to give out permissions
for this a lot more easily. 
In fact we already have Skencil 0.6. and 0.7 up in Wald's SVN repository.
Good instruction for usage are forthing.
(When trying this out right now, 
make sure to not check out everything with svn.)

Previously Skencil 0.6 source code was not in a revision control system
and Skencil 0.7 was within the GNOME CVS.  
A big Thank You! to GNOME 
for hosting Skencil's development tree all these years!

Okay, the move will happen slowly over the next week,
but feel free to peek at wald, register there and all that.
We appreciate helping hand, too. :)

        Bernhard R.

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