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Re: Temporary tools

From: Valentin Ungureanu
Subject: Re: Temporary tools
Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2005 13:22:27 +0200
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Bernhard Herzog wrote:
> I've commited the patch now together with fixes for these two issues.
> I've solved 2. a bit differently than per-editor-tools2.diff, though.
> See the code.

AFAICT everything works fine.
I see that SketchCanvas.SetTool still exists. Is it still needed or it
just slipped through?

> > The most notable differences where that context.tool was a property (and
> > assigning to context.tool called context.SetTool)
> Well, Context is a classic class, and for those properties don'r work
> properly.  __get__ is called, but not __set__ IIRC.

Yes, making Context a new-style class was part of making tool a
property, I just didn't mention it explicitely.  It doesn't matter
anyway, all works fine now.

I updated the patch for temporary tools as suggested, any comments are

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