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GimpCon 2006

From: Dave Neary
Subject: GimpCon 2006
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 18:41:48 +0200
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The GIMP developers are organising a gathering in Lyon, France in March 2006.

So far, we have confirmed the presence of people from Blender, Scribus and Inkscape. Hopefully, there will also be people from littlecms, Krita and others there. The Sketch/Skencil developers would be very welcome there (especially since many of you are French, IIRC).

The conference will be over 3 days, with 2 days of conferences primarily aimed at users, presenting the various projects and how they work together. But the most important thing about the conference will be the social gathering, anbd the opportunity for people to meet face to face and figure out ways to work better together.

Are any of you interested in coming, and perhaps giving a presentation? Please let me know, since (due to popular take-up so far), slots are filling up fast in the schedule.

Cheers (and hope to see you all in Lyon),

David Neary

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